Disadvantages Of Epilators

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Epilators are small, hand-held electrical appliances that remove hair by grasping several hairs at once and pulling them out by the root. This method for hair removal essentially works the same way that waxing does. When the liquified wax hardens on the skin it completely envelopes any surface hair and removes it by the root when the wax is pulled off.
Additionally, waxing will also remove microscopic skin cells from the outer epidermis requiring an additional healing process that is less pronounced by epilation. Although the hair is pulled out by the root, the entire root is not removed from beneath the skin. This is why hair growth returns after four to six weeks - depending on your personal hair growth rate.

The first epilator designs
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Even the best epilator is not pain-free - especially for first time users. The good news is that the discomfort lessens with each successive use of the device as hair regrowth is much finer and easier to remove. This is because hair that is pulled by the root slowly grows back thinner and softer then before. Although there are several other methods for hair removal, an epilator does have several advantages over waxing and shaving. I 've listed below some of the advantages and benefits of using an epilator.

Cost: Purchasing an epilator is a one time expense at an affordable price. Low end units start at under $50.00 with top of the line epilators averaging around $130.00. Unlike razors, waxing, or salon visits there 's nothing else to buy - which in and of itself is quite appealing to most people.

Longer lasting hair removal: Because epilators grip and pull the hair from the root regrowth is much slower when compared to shaving. Most users experience 3 to 6 weeks between sessions. But that 's not all - over time hair regrowth diminishes substantially. The hair follicle is weakened every time it is pulled from the root resulting in slower regrowth and noticeably thinner, finer hair. Independent studies have shown that users who have been epilating for a few years experience much slower hair growth rates then when they first

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