Disadvantages Of External Recruitment

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2. Promotions – Refer to shifting of persons to positions carrying better prestige, higher responsibilities and more pay. A person going to get a higher position will vacate his present position. Promotion will motivate employees to improve their performance so that they can also get promotion.
3. Present Employees – The present employees of a concern are informed about likely vacant positions. The employees recommend their relations or persons intimately known to them. The persons recommended by the employees may be generally suitable for the jobs because they know the requirements of various positions. The existing employees take full responsibility of those recommended by them and also ensure of their proper behavior and performance.

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Fairness – Being an open process, external recruitment provides opportunity to all prospective candidates to apply for the vacant position in the organization.
This, in turn, widens its options of selection.

Disadvantages of external recruitment
1. Expensive – External recruitment is expensive in the sense that it requires an extra cost for vacancy announcement, arrangement for employment office.
2. Dissatisfaction- When the qualified employees are recruited from outside the organization, the existing employees may feel dissatisfied with their jobs and leave the organization.
3. Long Process- External recruitment follows a long process. Various activities such as vacancy announcement, application collection, review of application forms, selection process etc. need to be performed before the placement of the candidate.
4. Adaptability Problem – as the selected employees are new for the
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More time will be needed for them to be familiar with organizational arrangements.

Methods of External Sources

1. Direct employment – In this recruitment, a notice is placed on the notice board of the establishment, specifying the details of the jobs available. This is known as recruitment at factory gate. This kind of recruitment is applicable generally where workers are to be appointed.
2. Campus recruitment – This kind of recruitment is done through educational institutions. There are certain institutions which serve as an external source for recruiting fresh graduates. In this recruitment, available jobs will be presented to the institutions in Dumaguete City. This type of recruitment helps in providing jobs to fresh graduates.
3. Recommendations – There are certain people who have experience in a particular area. They enjoy goodwill and a stand in the company. There are certain vacancies which are filled by recommendations of such people. However, the biggest drawback of this source is that the company has to rely totally on such people which can later on prove to be inefficient.

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