Disadvantages Of Family Planning

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Comprehensive health care services: An indirect approach to the family planning Dr Mohammad Aleem India is a home of almost more than a one third of the human population of the earth. And in a country, where around 80% population lives in rural, semi urban and unorganized areas, the issue of health and safety takes a paramount importance in the deliberation of the overall health services of India. It is the fact that in rural areas, though, hospitals exist, but of a little help. Most of the time, we find that those healthcare centers, which run by the government, are either without proper functioning or essential items like medicines and other health equipments like ultrasound and X ray machines. In those circumstances, people are forced to go to the private hospitals and nursing homes where they spend much of their income which are usually beyond their strength and end up mostly in ruining themselves financially. Here, the question arises that are the health care services having a role in dealing directly or indirectly with the concept of the family planning in Indian homes? To seek an answer, we will have to go deeper and analyze the issue. The concept of the family planning is very much attached to not only with the quality of health services, but also education. I have seen and experienced that those women and girls who are educated, somehow, understand the importance of the family planning in their own lives much better than their non-educated counterparts. But, it is
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