Disadvantages Of Female Sex Offenders

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“Although concerning sexual practices between adults and children have existed throughout history and across cultures, whether such behavior was conceived of and defined as ‘abuse’ has been dependent on the societal values of the particular period” (Denov, 2004). In today’s society, sex offending has become an increasingly, concerning phenomenon that individuals must become more aware of. Although generally regarded as a male phenomenon, over time, female perpetrators have become equally important as male perpetrators. Due to the lack of public awareness, female sexual predators go unreported. As a result, society must become more aware of female sexual perpetrators, as many incidents of females assaulting both young men and women have gone…show more content…
The first type is the teacher/lover sex offender who initiates the sexual abuse upon an adolescent, usually male, from a position of power. Teacher/lover offenders can be found in federal populations, because they are rarely reported by their male victims. Due to a low risk of recidivism, supervision of this type of offender is less critical. The second type is referred to as the male-coerced sex offender. This type of offended is induced or forced into sexual abuse. This type of offender usually resists, but eventually become a passive partner, because of physical punishment or intimidation. This group of offenders consists of “low intelligence, underassertive, dependent on men, desperate to maintain a relationship, and willing to participate and even initiate sexual relationships to please a male partner” (Atkinson, 1996). Finally, the last type of offender is the predisposed sex offender. This type of offender usually victimizes their own children, on their own. These women reveal anger through sadistic fantasies in which they act on these thoughts. They are often self-injurious and suicidal, and their offenses are typically violent and bizarre involving children younger than six. These offenses involve oral sex and penetration of a young daughter, carried out in despite of anger usually causing pain…show more content…
Routine activity theory focuses on the explanation of why some people commit crimes and the motivation behind such. According to the Encyclopedia of Social Deviance (Mustaine, 2014), there are three components that must be present for a crime to occur including a suitable target, motivated offender, and lack of a capable guardian. A suitable target refers to individuals, or property that are vulnerable or desirable. A motivated offender refers to an individual who is able and willing to commit an offense, and the absence of a capable guardian is the lack of protection, or supervision able to prevent an offense from occurring. In the above case, each of the following elements is present. Beginning with a suitable target, in many cases a student is a suitable target for a teacher especially in their teenage years, where standing out and looking “cool” is essential. The motivated offender is obviously the teach who in this situation who is engaging in intercourse with her students to fulfil her sexual desires. Finally, lack of a capable guardian is also evident as the student would go to the teacher’s apartment, and when the teacher would go to the student’s house when his parents were away. As a result, lack of a capable guardian was

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