Disadvantages Of Firewalls

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Not many people know or are aware of what a firewall is or how it works. Firewalls are installed onto a computer system as a security system that is making sure that nothing such as a virus gets into your computer, it also controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on how the owner sets the settings. Firewalls were first used in the 1980’s it was called a packet filter before actually called a firewall. Firewalls are meant to be installed on a computer so that the computer won’t be hacked. A firewall is the most common security system used in any type of computer. Many people think that a firewall is something simple that once it is installed and applied, then it will work perfectly fine, but in reality a firewall should be properly updated monthly and should get checked on frequently or else it may potentially fail and cause many problems on the device that was affected. Firewalls are not effective enough to protect devices because people can easily hack and are getting passed firewalls therefore there should be something other than firewalls to protect devices. There are many factors on why a firewall is not an effective way to protect personal information. Every year there are new and more advanced technology being made and used, and firewalls are not up to date or are missing many factors that will not keep up with these new and more advanced technologies which make it so much easier for people to get passed a firewall. For example, in Kyle Cebull’s
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