Disadvantages Of Flexible Work

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INTRODUCTION Today, most of the employees when they want to choose jobs, they are not only looking on how much salaries alone, instead they explore other benefits that jobs can offer to them. One of the benefits that employee will look for is does the job they want to apply offers flexibility especially in terms of work schedule. This is because many employee already have other demanding commitments and the recent changes in the nature of work, along with the introduction of new technologies (cell phones, email and other means of electronic communication) have led to many employees struggling to balance roles in their work and personal lives (Hayman, 2009; Hobsor, Delunas & Kelsic, 2001). Therefore, employees hope to get a job that allows them to do other commitments without disrupting their commitment to work. This is reason why flexible work schedule become one of factors for employees to consider when want to choose a suitable company to work. Flexible work schedule are defined as alternative work schedule as compared to regular work arrangement, usually from 9.00am to 4.00 pm which are standard use by most company for numbers of years. (Ahmad Khan, Aslam Khan, Mohsin, 2013). According to Dalcos and Daley (2009), flexitime allows employees to choose when, where and for how long they engage in work-related tasks. This arrangement allows workers to choose what time that he or she will work but the time usually within the specified limit set by employer. Flexible work

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