Disadvantages Of Flexible Work Schedules

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Now day with the changing demographics of our workforce, economic challenges. flexible work schedules may be single choice that is very important to the needs of both departments and employee. Flexible in the simple phrase refers variable and or easily evolve in adjective word (flexible, easy in bend) from attitude aspect, decision follow the situation Flexible work schedules such as flextime, telework, or compressed work weeks, are like of increasing variation in the timing and duration of work hours, and the location of work. At the same time as they are transforming employment systems and work processes follow based situation on the time and cultures. Flexibility work schedules also means different things to different companies and individuals.…show more content…
Research shows that flexible work schedules may reduce stress because employees working flexibly are more satisfied with their jobs. especially womenfolk, because he over emotion compared to men folk. additionally with flexible work schedules gives laxity to parent that working especially when transporting children to/from day care or school with this can reduce stress to them and can divide time better and experience better work-family balance. According by Ellen Ernst Kossek, W.K. Kellogg Company, the largest manufacturer of cereal in the world, altered the standard of an 8-hour day conducted over three shifts, substituting four six-hour shifts, with this employee morale increased due to more leisure time, therefore employee over more satisfied with their lives. Example of worker in Kolej Poly Tech Mara, they having timetable that flexible with facilitate those apportion time orderly between work with personal matter. According (Kossek & Ozeki, 1998), one likely pathway between flexible schedule use and higher well-being, assuming workload is held constant, is lower work-family conflict, which in turn relates to lower job and life satisfaction. Therefore, they over deep focus committing any work, because of having soul that is calm, because they had already rest that is enough. and they over deep focus committing any work. Overall, employee can adapt a work-life…show more content…
Many studies suggest that flexibility work schedules gives the worker more choice or control and also have positive effects on health and well-being. For example, a recent study of workers in extended-care facilities found that "Employees who worked for managers with low work-family openness and creativity were more likely increase [cardiovascular disease] risks based on both biomarker assessments and reports of doctor diagnoses. They also sleep almost half an hour less per night than employees with managers with high levels of openness and creativity in relation to work family issues. A cross-sectional and longitudinal study analyzing 2004-2005 data of employees from a large pharmaceutical company showed "that individuals with more flexibility also have healthier lifestyle behaviors," in conclusion proposing that "when employee given their flexibility need, they will take turns join healthier behaviour and may be reducing results related to negative health like sickness-absences, stress, and other work-related

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