Disadvantages Of Flipchart

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record feedback on flipchart paper which can be immediately displayed), and to display diagrams, charts and graphs. Advantages of flip charts Limitations of flip charts 1. These are simple to use, versatile, cheap, clean and quiet. 2. The sheets can be removed and displayed around the room. 3. They can be used to reveal and build-up information in much the same way as an OHP. 4. These can be completed easily by learners themselves for later display (e.g. working in groups). 5. Some people find it easier to write on paper than on OHP acetate. Flipcharts can provide a useful alternative. 1. The size severely limits the amount of information which can be put on one sheet. 2. They can encourage writing / diagrams too small to be clearly…show more content…
White-boards have the advantage of being cleaner and are generally clearer than chalkboards. In addition, many whiteboards are metallic, allowing objects to be affixed with magnets. The majority of the applications of marker-boards can be achieved successfully and more conveniently, by the overhead projector. Most of the information previously described about the OHP also applies to marker-boards. Some typical uses of the marker-boards are to show the structure and objectives of the whole training session so that the learners know the direction of the training, to list major points and to draw attention to keywords, phrases, etc and to provide a focus for what is being discussed by the trainer, to collect and display points and opinions from the learners, and to focus the attention of learners. Advantages of marker boards Limitations of marker boards 1. Simple to use, versatile, cheap, clean (whiteboards) and quiet. 2. Information is generally better understood and retained if it is seen as well as heard. 3. More clean to use as compared to blackboards. 1. If used improperly, there is a risk to hinder, rather than aid, learning. 2. They can easily become monotonous if used too extensively. 3. The user needs to turn away from the learners when writing and the speaking is hindered. 4. Some people find it difficult to write legibly on…show more content…
Audio recordings can be used in mass, group and individual instruction. Tape both cassette and reel-to-reel, compact disc and vinyl records are all capable of good quality reproduction. The computer-based audio is fast becoming popular nowadays. Some typical uses for audio-based training aids to bring real sounds into the training room e.g. music, conversation and discussion etc, sound of mechanical processes and the like can be invaluable to facilitate learning, to replay off-air broadcasts, to act as a vehicle for managing or guiding learning; for example, guiding learners working alone or in groups through specific tasks, in much the same way as a trainer, to recording interviews, discussions or role-play, to play speech and record learner responses for later analysis, particularly in language learning, to record the trainer in his or her normal work, useful as an aid to

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