Disadvantages Of Forced Marriage

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One day they are playing with their friends and dressing up their dolls, and the next day they are standing at the alter beside a 30-year-old stranger who is about to become their husband. Some people may claim that forced marriages work out in the end, but that doesn 't discount the fact that a woman’s choice to decide who she marries and her childhood are being taken away. In Article 16 of the UDHR is says that both spouses need to be consenting to marriage before it happens, which is not the case in a forced marriage. Forced marriages are detrimental to children 's mental and physical health, therefore they should be made illegal in other countries. An education can contribute to a woman 's life immensely including helping her health and increasing her family’s income, but when women are forced into a marriage they are also forced to quit school in order to start a family. When a girl is forced into a marriage, it is thought that she no longer needs an education, because she is fulfilling her true purpose as a woman, so she is forced to drop out of school as well. This is actually a false belief. It has been documented that “…every year longer that a girl stays in school, she grows up to be healthier, the children she has, end up being healthier [too].” (Lee) When a woman is educated she is more independent and has more confidence in caring for herself and her family. She is able to do what she needs to do in order to ensure that she and her children are getting what
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