Disadvantages Of Forced Migration

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The first type of migration is forced migration. Forced migration is defined by IOM as a migratory movement in which an element of concern exists. This element of concern can be anything from war to a natural disaster. In other words it’s when you are forced to move or you could face negative consequences such as diseases, starvation and death. Forced migration has existed throughout history. In the Viking ages people were forced to leave their villages in fear of a Viking raid and during the Second World War the Jews of Europe were forced to migrate in order to avoid anti-Semitism and the Nazi’s. These are just two out of many example in which forced migration has occurred during the past. One of the many examples of forced migration was…show more content…
The American entrepreneurs took advantage of this and hired them. Even though some of the conditions in the USA were bad the Irish workers still received 5 times more pay and the conditions in Ireland were much worse. The Irish workers were treated poorly however it was better than at home and they also helped created some important construction works in the USA. Most of the rail roads were made by Irish immigrants who were necessary from America’s growth during the industrial revolution. However the amount of Irish who were willing to work under these conditions left many Americans without jobs. However since the entrepreneurs could hire workforce for the minimum wage. Many American businesses started to bloom. There were political problems about the Irish for the United Stated. Since the USA was a mainly protestant country and the Irish were Catholics it cause some debate among the politicians if they were to continue allowing the massive number of Irish migrants. This was mostly small debate which didn’t really lead anywhere. However something that bothers many politicians was that the Irish were taking some of the Americans jobs, since they would work for less. However this was also a positive debate as many politicians were also happy that Irish were willing to work for less. Because it boosted the American

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