Disadvantages Of Foreign Aid

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About three billion people which is about half of the population of the world, live on less than two dollars per day. This leading to many deaths, mostly children whom die of illness while many more even though still alive, lack access to water supplies or even potable water and medical lifesaving immunization drugs. While serious progress have been made in many different parts of the world like East of Asia for example, the majority of the poor people in the world severely suffering of extreme poverty, live in Sub-Saharan countries in Africa. Suite to various events when poverty has been addressed, foreign aid from Western and oversea developed countries to what is called the “Third World” countries, has been looked at as the answer to this global poverty.
During the post-colonial era which was around the 1960s, was the time period that marked the end of the global domination of European countries as well as some Americans, foreign aid had been one of the main means of attaining end to poverty and suffering within undeveloped countries. Foreign aid had become one of the main means of attaining end for wealthy countries like the United States of America to endorse and contribute in order for a better world and better living conditions everywhere however, mostly in the less developed countries of the world. Most of the foreign aids are provided by foreign countries and organizations, as well as a former soccer players and one being Iker Casillas who donates enormous amount

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