Disadvantages Of Fossil Fuels

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Fossil fuels are a mixture of dead plants and animals, which are buried deep down and collected under the earth, this resulted in stored energy in the form of fossil fuel. These natural resources are a vital component of most activities in villages and cities especially as a source of energy. Due to its abundance, 90% of the energy utilized around the world is from it. Regrettably, there are certain drawbacks of using these fuels excessively. Some of the major expenses that arise due to the usage of fossil fuels is directly related to the extraction, transportation and refining of the fuels. Other expenses include raw materials and labor. These costs are obvious and are indeed straight forward. In order to compensate for the expenses, the government and the private companies work together, making fossil fuels an expensive resource to use. The government increases the charge on the amount of electricity and water used. Meanwhile the private oil companies demand hike in oil prices. Then there are costs that are not so obvious and are indeed hidden from the public. The dangers are many and very straight forward but the oil companies just want to stay in denial. The major causes are to our environment and our health.

Fossil Fuels:-
Coal: - “This is the only type of fossil fuel which is used in its solid state. It appears as chunks of dark black rocks which are harvested from the earth by workers in mining operations. Coal is composed of five different elements: carbon,

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