Disadvantages Of Fouling

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Fouling is an accumulation of undesirable material on the surface of solid . Fouling is not only the chronic problem of heat ex-changers but it is also one of the major problem that occur in whole industries. Because of that, the extra cost is required for the additional fuel consumption, cleaning action, maintenance, loss of production etc. There are several types of fouling that are caused by the different reasons. Biological fouling:
This fouling is caused because of the growth of different organism within the fluid which is mostly deposit out. This problem is normally overcome or remove by two ways.
Chemical treatment.
Mechanical processes. ( mostly brushing processes).
Chemical fouling:
When a layer of fouling is deposit on the surface of tube because of chemical changes which occur within the fluid, is said to be a chemical fouling. It can be minimize by controlling the temperature of wall which is directly contract with the fluid. It is also remove by chemical or mechanical processes (mostly high pressure water jet).
Deposition fouling:
When the velocity of a fluid is low than critical level, than the particles inside the fluid start settle down. This layer of this particles is called deposition fouling. For the prevention of deposition fouling, velocity must be higher than critical velocity. It can be remove by mechanical brushing process.
Corrosion fouling:
Because of high thermal resistance material, the corrosion layer is built up on the surface of

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