Disadvantages Of Four Seasons Hotel

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The global hotel industry has been experiencing growth in recent years (Deloitte, 2016). People have been travelling more, with travel patterns significantly impacted by the Millennials, the largest generation today (Deloitte, 2016). Four Seasons Hotel is one of the many international luxury hotel chains, providing a high standard of service for its guests. One of their competitors, Grand Hyatt Hotel, is also an international luxury hotel chain that provides high hospitality standards for its customers. Both hotels are globally recognised, with similar standards and price ranges. For Four Seasons Hotel to have an edge over its competitors like Grand Hyatt Hotel, it should venture into further personalisation options for its booking services.…show more content…
The trend of rising individuality rose from the Millennials, who are in pursuit of personalised experiences (Deloitte, 2016). As such, hotels can aim to cater to their needs to generate more sales. Four Seasons Hotel has strengths such as its distinct service offerings and membership packages for its customers (MarketLine, 2016). However, it is insufficient to attract the Millennials, since one of the threats that Four Seasons Hotel faces is ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences (MarketLine, 2016). This poses a need for Four Seasons Hotel to improve its personalisation options for its booking services to attract them. Additionally, personalisation can leave a lasting impact on its customers, therefore gaining customers’ loyalty. Many Millennials have yet to develop loyalty to any particular hotel, as they do not feel engaged enough (Deloitte, 2016). Grand Hyatt Hotel has a strong customer loyalty program, known as World of Hyatt. This program includes many benefits for the members, based on a points system (Hyatt, 2017). On the other hand, Four Seasons Hotel does not have such a system. Thus, it should improve its services to retain more customers. Customers will keep going back when there is freedom to choose. Therefore, Four Seasons Hotel should act now and capitalise on the trend by introducing…show more content…
Companies such as AirBnB have disrupted the market as they are very user-friendly and provides a different experience as compared to the traditional hotels (Deloitte, 2016). To stay relevant and remain competitive, Four Seasons Hotel has already made some efforts to expand its personalisation services by designing an application for its customers to communicate with its employees. This application enables its customers to ease their checking in and out process, calling of room services, booking of the hotel facilities and more (Four Seasons, 2017). In contrast, its competitor, Grand Hyatt Hotel, has yet to expand its personalisation services beyond its usual hotel services. However, Four Seasons Hotel is not the only hotel with an application. There are many other luxury hotels that are also becoming more tech-savvy to connect with their customers (Deloitte, 2016). As such, this reflects the intensifying competition in the industry to provide services that tailor to consumers’ preferences. This is a sign for Four Seasons Hotel to further improve its personalisation options for its booking service to stand out from its competitors, and to provide its customers a reason to remain loyal to

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