Disadvantages Of Fracking

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Fracking is one of the many controversial topics in resource production. The procedure can harm the environment, but can help the economy and the oil industry. The main reason the procedure is so controversial is that it uses too much water, it may leak chemicals and contaminate groundwater, it can raise the amount of gas used, and it may cause earth tremors. There are also many advantages to fracking, but can affect the environment but can help the economy. My views on fracking are positive for there are many more advantages to the process. In 1947 Floyd Farris and Joseph Clark of Stanolind Oil and Gas Corporation invented Hydraulic Fracking, also known as fracking. The process allowed them to obtain oil that was unreachable until the invention.…show more content…
The first pro of fracking is that it is an alternative source of easily accessible fuel. The plentiful supply of oil and gas may not seem great today due to air and water pollution, but there will again be a time where resources will be scarce, but with fracking there won’t be another time. If oil drilling and fracking are both continued there won’t be another fuel shortage in an estimated 100 years in the US. Not only are oil shortage avoided but a country’s dependency on foreign oil will decrease and oil exports across America will decrease. Another pro for fracking is the reduction of surface toxicity. Since all the chemicals are pumped underground they cause close to no damage to if they are released on the surface or in the air. It is then less likely to contaminate bodies of water and the air. It can lead to a major decrease in air pollution due to reduced carbon dioxide emissions and less dependency on nuclear plants and coal. Lower energy cost is also a big pro because since oil and gas are obtained locally, industries that rely on fuel resources can be affected because of lower energy costs. That is why many people believe that fracking positively transformed the US’ energy situation. The last advantage is the amount of jobs it will open to the public. In 2012, more than 1.2 million people were employed into the oil and gas industry due to the expansion of
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