Disadvantages Of Free Community College

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It is said that a well-educated workforce is a key to state prosperity and that college is considered the great equalizer, but rising school costs and crushing debt for students in the United States are beginning to take their toll. Community college enrollment has been on the decline for many years, and the trend may not reverse anytime soon (citation), yet steps to encourage college attendance are already being taken. Free community college for responsible students over the span of two years has already been proposed by former President Barack Obama (citation), while states such as Tennessee, Oregon, and Minnesota are offering some form of free college. Free community college is a very controversial subject with many opposing viewpoints, but the advantages of free education, such as an increased number of educated individuals, less student debt, and more educational freedom, could outweigh the potential disadvantages. …show more content…

This can improve their employment potential as more jobs continue to require postsecondary education. A research report from Georgetown University said “By 2020, 65 percent of all jobs in the economy will require postsecondary education and training beyond high school (citation).” Even the relatively low cost of community college can discourage potential students who are devoid of time and money. Unfortunately, many prospective students cannot receive financial aid despite being too poor to attend

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