Disadvantages Of Gadgets Essay

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A student who studies at any school regardless of any course is expected not just to attend the class but to study the lessons given and eventually pass the course as well. Generations way of learning changes a time passes by, in the 21st century it is rarely seen a student or a group of students is seen without having a gadget accompanying him/her. With this being said, the use of gadgets may positively affect the study habits of students because it allows students to access the internet through the use of the campus’ internet connection and gadgets help relieve students’ stress through entertainment during their break time. A student will always be tempted to do something rather than study. These temptations maybe playing through their gadgets and…show more content…
Encourages Personalized learning plans: In this case , students are encouraged to use various multimedia technological tools to demonstrate them selves in the classroom.In this process , students get more involved in the process and they learn better. DISADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION 1. Laziness in Studying Computers make is so easy to find answers that students barely have to look for them. This may result in them having poor study habits and developing a lazy attitude toward their education. 2. Forgetting the Basic Way of Studying They would no longer rely on the books that are lent by their teachers for them to study since they are already interested to study using the computer. Even simple problems and homework that they need to answer, they are more of seeking the assistance of computers already. 3. Discovering Unusual Things in the Computer Allowing the students to surf the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that all the things that they are going to discover are good for their mind and studies. There are several things that are found in the internet which are not good for the students hence they need to be properly guided by their teachers and parents every time they are going to use the
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