Disadvantages Of Games

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Different views on the issue of teaching English to young learners have been suggested so far in the field of teaching a second language. Among these views, one of the most practical ones is using games. Applying them may make learning more enjoyable and motivating because of students’ learning without being aware. A great number of studies (Chan & Lin, 2000; Jiang, 2008; Kuo, 2008; Robinson, 1960; Zheng, 2008) state that students‟ motivation and confidence can be enhanced in the process of playing games when they achieve learning goals in a relaxing environment. Kuo (2008) further mentions that “games and game-like activities have always been a popular tool in an English class in order to interest and „wake up‟ uninterested students” (p.…show more content…
To begin with, games keep all of the students involved and encourage them to focus on the use of language. The students do not worry about making mistakes and by using a game which provides them a lot of opportunities such as doing, acting and moving, the students obtain higher level of knowledge. Therefore, they learn unintentionally and start using the language in a natural manner in the classroom (Schutz, 1988. as cited in Mubaslat, 2012). Zdybiewska (1994) also supports that games are good tools to learn a language due to their being a model of real life ( as cited in Muhanna, 2012). According to Celce-Murcia (1979), games let the students to be in real life situations so they have a chance to learn the language in a natural way (as cited in Yolageldili, & Arikan, 2011). In Jiang’s study (2008), consisted of classroom observations, the dynamics teacher – student relationships and a structured questionnaire, the attitudes of 360 respondents toward using games in learning English at a primary school were examined. Sixty eight percent of students were in favor of using games in the class. They preferred to be in a game-teaching environment which is highly motivating (as cited in Wang, Shang, & Briody,…show more content…
Using games in teaching English to raise children‟s motivation and confidence which can then promote higher levels of English learning((as cited from Richards & Rodgers, 2001, p. 183). On the other hand, Chuang‟s (2007) study states that children‟s anxiety increases because they are afraid of being blamed by their team members. the author states that while playing games in the classrooms, being obliged to compare and score for their team causes them to increase level of anxiety. And consequently, giving correct answers becomes party to a stressful classroom environment. Wu (2002), Chuang (2007), and Zeng (2005) claim that playing games can increase children‟s anxiety largely as a result of peer pressure. To sum up, according to previous studies, teaching FL to young learners via games can support the positive classroom environment by capturing their attention, enhancing learners’ motivation and

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