Disadvantages Of Gender Discrimination

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GENDER STRATIFICATION. Differentiation is said to be the law of nature. In human society which is so heterogeneous it is not surprising for inequality and differentiation to exist. All societies till date have been found arranging their members based on grounds such as superiority, inferiority ,gender ,wealth etc. This differentiation of people is called Social Stratification. Thereby defining Social stratification as a system by which societies categorises its people into different socioeconomic strata based on their occupation, sex, wealth, age etc. (1) Social Stratification seems to have many disadvantages but Structural functionalists believe that social stratification helps in the smooth functioning of the society. The Davis-Moore thesis states that there are two types of jobs in the society , one which all the members are capable of doing while the other which only a handful of people are capable of ;and the ones who are capable of doing the difficult jobs are ought to be given rewards or…show more content…
It is a system consisting of social structures and practices where in men dominate, oppress and exploit women. Dominant in India patriarchy is observed in every household where in the eldest male usually the father takes the final decisions which is of matter to all the members of the house and is in charge for all happenings within the family. The females of the house who are not given much importance usually take a back seat in the decision making and are usually caretakers who are made to constrict themselves within the four walls of the residence. They are expected to take care of the upbringing up the children and to manage household tasks such as cleaning, cooking etc. They were puppets to men , be it their father or their husbands after marriage. Even today our society is prominently patriarchal in nature though women rights have been reinforced from time to
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