Disadvantages Of Gene In Gattaca

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As the movie Gattaca hints, a community of people reliant only on the study of genes definitely has a few flaws. For one, the use of gene identification would be treated or used in a very mean, unfair way. As the movie showed, people with less healthy genes (such as Vincent), would be unable to reach their dreams. This is unfair! The extremely important part of our government, "everyone is created equal" is suddenly lost. Work attitude, desire to do something, and skill is thrown out the window, so to speak, to less qualified people who get "proper" genes . To do this would definitely interfere with the government and fairness that America has struggled so hard to accomplish. What's more, it would be incredibly easy to lose sight of what makes everyone different. If every person is created to be "perfect", then the world would lose its sense of variety. Racial and social bias would win out over nature, and the differences between world variety will rapidly decrease.…show more content…
For one, an advanced use of genetics identification would provide police with a much needed aid. As the movie once again showed, crimes could be solved muchly as even the smallest sliver of events or objects that prove something, or shows about a whole life history. Also, advanced medical technology can improve the quality of life. Sometimes (not all!), it may be a benefit to know what illnesses your child may be at risk for. "Knowledge is power", after all. The more information we can show/tell about, the better prepared we can be at solving situations. Gattaca's society is just like every other society that we know of, as it has both benefits and flaws that come with
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