Disadvantages Of Glaciers

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Most of the world’s glacier can be commonly found near the poles. Perhaps, glaciers exist around the surface of the world, even Africa itself. There are some places that does not have any glaciers which is Australia. It is considered as Oceania. It also includes some Pacific Island chain and some islands of Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, Davies (2014). The glaciers need a specific climatic condition, which mostly found at high snowfall region during winter and cool temperature during summer. The snow will accumulated during winter, to prevent the lost of snow during summer, it require a specific climatic condition. To ensure the glaciers to live longer, the amount of precipitation in the form of snowfall, freezing rain, or wind-drifted snow is quite necessary. Glaciers and ice sheets affect and are affected by changes in Earth 's climate. They are one of the cold water reservoirs that change volume in response to incline and decline in temperature and snowfall.
Glaciers can be formed when snow remains in the long period of time, where the time consuming of snow accumulates to transform into ice. After about two winters, the snow will exactly turns to firn, an intermediate state between glacier ice and snow. Glaciers commonly retreat or advance, depends on the amount of snow accumulation, evaporation and also according to melt condition that occurs. Glaciers will also affect the land during erosion. When glaciers retreat, they often produce large mounds of till, small

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