Disadvantages Of Globalisation Essay

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MINI REPORT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GLOBALISATION GREATER THAN THE DRAWBACKS? In my perspective, globalisation is a practice by which the world is becoming progressively connected as a result of immensely increased trade and cross culture diversity. Globalisation enhances the use of outsourcing and offshoring products. The biggest companies are now not only national firms but are replaced by multinational corporations with subsidiaries in many countries. Its outcomes in our lives, being intertwined with people in all parts of the world via the food, the dress code, the music, the information we get and the ideas we hold. The main classification of globalisation are Economic Globalisation, Political Globalisation, Social Globalisation. While other types of globalisation include: Environmental Globalisation, Financial Globalisation, Cultural globalisation, Military Globalisation, Technological Globalisation and Ecological Globalisation. Argument For: As everything comprises benefits and drawbacks. So let 's have a look on the advantages of Globalisation.…show more content…
Now lets put a light on the disadvantages of Globalisation. The main reason for the downside of globalisation is that it distinguishes between social class ans status. This leads to political and social uneasiness and financial unreliability that will restrain growth. Many of the world’s poorest people do not have access to basic technologies and public goods. They are eliminated from the benefits. Evidence to this is the division between rural-urban areas of a country such as Brazil, China and India. There are trade imbalances due to globalisation. As when a country 's large economies are affected, all over the effects are felt. Domestic jobs and businesses are lost due to decrease in trade. Large multi-national companies avoid paying taxes because they have the ability to exploit taxes havens in different
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