Disadvantages Of Globalization Essay

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Victoria Idele Student (LON) number: LON170920004 Contemporary Themes LSBM002 What are the advantages/disadvantages of globalisation? Advantages Globalization has increased free trade between countries. The increase in capital liquidity has allowed investors in developed countries to invest in developing countries. Large corporations from developed countries have great flexibility to work in other countries. According to (www.occupytheory.org), the flow of communication has allowed the global mass media to bind the the world together. Global mass media has allowed vital information to be shared between corporations and individuals around the world. Globalization has also contributed to greater speed and ease of transporting goods and people.…show more content…
Negative According to (www.economicshelp.org)There is a rapid increase in the population due to migration could lead to falling living standards. For example, the U.K faces an acute housing shortage, but also an unwillingness to build on increasingly scarce green belt land. In many cities, it is difficult to build more roads because of limited space. Also the U.K and more importantly England, is already densely populated by international standards and has a chronic shortage of housing. England is twice as crowded as Germany and nearly four times as crowded as France. The greater the number of new arrivals, the harder it is for everyone to become fully integrated in British society. A large majority of the public want to see immigration reduced which includes voters of all ethnicities. Week 5: Assisted dying should become/remain legal/illegal in the UK. Assisted Dying Legalised People who are not opposed to euthanasia believe that by allowing people to die with dignity, it is more compassionate than pressuring them to keep living their lives while they are suffering. Other people believe that every patient has a right to choose the time that they are going to
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