Disadvantages Of Globalization In China

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I think globalization is very important and it become more necessary for now socials, so I want to talk about globalization. Globalization is the fact that different cultures and economic systems around the world are becoming connected and similar to each other because of the influence of large multinational companies and of the influence communication. Globalization will increase opportunities for firms to expand production in foreign markets, and countries has many benefits from economic synergy and collaborate in handing political, social and economic challenges and broad market allow producers to get more goods , and the global supply networks more purchasing options for the public and private entities. I collet some information from…show more content…
Also ,there are some advantages and disadvantages for China .Like economic globalization is beneficial to accelerate the construction of domestic maket economy system.Economic globalization and China’s accession to the WTO makes our country gradually integrated into the world economic system,domestic and international market, make the Chinese enterprises to participate in international competition in the market ,these are conductive to familiar with the rules of market economy and international market in our country,set up the mechanism of market economy. Globalization also brought great challenges to China ,China is a developing country,it is facing the same challenges as other developing countries.In addition to the fact that a number of strong companies in developing countries can benefit from market ,most domestic companies are hit by multinations.First, the national industry was hit.In a few short years,more than tens of thousands of multinational companies in the…show more content…
Globalization has brought cross-border flows of goods and capital and stronger nationalism and so on. From material form ,globalization refers to the cross-border flow of goods and capital ,through the development stage of translation ,local internationalization and globalization. we can not predict the globalization of national income and loss. It is difficult to have benefits or damages in globalization .Great power ,weak countries ,big countries and small countries can all benefit or suffer. The traditional China was defeated by globalization, but it also emerged from globalization. The British empire has risen from globalization and has declined in globalization. The United States, though always the biggest beneficiary of globalization, has a tendency to be aloof and global, because The Us is starting to feel the cost. Following the globalization of nationalism and national boundaries. It brings stronger nationalism passport ,customs, the personal exchanges and the ‘sacred’ national borders, it also brings more advanced weapons and more powerful countries .Globalization has no human capital globalization ,it brings the drastic social change, stimulating the rise of various ideological, must be accompanied by the fierce social group ,ideology and conflict between nation states. Then I want to talk about some advantages and disadvantages about globalization. We can learn some knowledge from other countries, have

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