Disadvantages Of Globalization In Developing Countries

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Nowadays, in the light of the development in technology, especially in transportation and media, trade and communication has increased rapidly among countries. This trend is called globalization. Generally speaking, globalization has its own advantages and disadvantages. The development in international trade and communication has created employment and opportunities for millions of people, but it has also made poor countries poorer. In my opinion, globalization has both positive and negative aspects. First of all, the most obvious advantage that the globalization brings about is that goods (such as car, laptop, smartphone, etc.) produced in one country can be sold in other countries .For the developed countries, now the can easily export their products and services to other countries to earn money. And for the developing countries, it can create opportunities of employment and reduce poverty, which is very good for the economy. The next positive aspect which is taken into consideration is that the developing countries now can receive sources of capital, new technologies from developed countries, which is very essential for the growth of a country. And in return, the developing countries let the developed countries’ companies do business in their countries. For instance, you can see McDonald’s store in almost every countries. In general, globalization has benefited both developing and developed nations, and became one of the most important factors that affect a country’s

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