Disadvantages Of Globalization

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Social issues around the world and in any country are intertwined in many ways. When legislation or policies are laid down, they go round to touch on every aspect that affects human life. When policy makers and people advocates lay down policies, the right of people to choose what is right or wrong for them is largely ignored. However, issues such as globalization do not offer people much of a choice because of the magnitude of its force. However, laid down policies and especially foreign policy can go a long way in determining the relationships forged as a result of globalization. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with globalization. United States of America as a developed economy is faced with many advantages in terms of economic gains. On the other hand, its citizens are faced with many predicaments such as loss of employment and low quality products in their retail shelves among others. In many ways, globalization works in tandem with foreign policy (Lindsay et al., 2003). The right of people to fully participate in matters that affect them is greatly ignored in the name of legislators or people’s representatives. These ‘people’s representatives’ in many ways work in cohorts with the drivers of the economy for personal gain. Areas of employment, education and health among others have in many ways been largely affected by the ripple effect of globalization and foreign policy. Wickard Vs Filburn (1942) is a good example of a case of effects of
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