Disadvantages Of Globalization In Arizona

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Social issues around the world and in any country are intertwined in many ways. When legislation or policies are laid down, they go round to touch on every aspect that affects human life. When policy makers and people advocates lay down policies, the right of people to choose what is right or wrong for them is largely ignored. However, issues such as globalization do not offer people much of a choice because of the magnitude of its force. However, laid down policies and especially foreign policy can go a long way in determining the relationships forged as a result of globalization. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with globalization. United States of America as a developed economy is faced with many advantages in terms of economic gains. On the other hand, its citizens are faced with…show more content…
This touches on the rights of people to choose what is right for them and areas that matter to them. As mentioned above, globalization and foreign policy intertwines many issues because education of immigration may be the par value but other issues such as labor and foreign trade could be behind such policies. Therefore, the expulsion of Tucson Chicano learning program can only suggest many things are not right with the foreign policy considering Arizona is a frontier state. From the above, it is clear that it matters how foreign policy is formulated and who does the formulation. A good foreign policy will in many ways guard the country and its citizens from negative effects of globalization. On the other hand, there is a great deal to benefit from with the proper and favorable foreign policies. Policy makers should be people of integrity with no selfish interests and bearing no ill will against other states in order to make it productive for any country (Griswold,

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