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Review of advantages of different types of glossing on vocabulary learning and reading comprehension
Nahid chahrlang
Azad university of Ahwaz
Abstract-knowing about the factors that have influence on vocabulary learning and reading comprehension, positively or negatively is crucial and very important. We know that learning vocabulary is one of the most important factors in learning the second language. One of the approaches in learning vocabulary is incidental learning that is an essential part of vocabulary learning. Knowing the vocabulary causes the better understanding of the reading, to reach to this goal we need to facilitate the learning of the vocabulary by some tools and devices to have better result .one of the most useful and effective tools is gloss. Glossing as a vital tool in learning vocabulary and reading comprehension has different types and it has some implications for the teachers to help their students as an assistant, and also it is a tool to save the time instead of looking up the words in dictionaries. 1. Introduction:
Vocabulary or lexicon is one of the most important parts in learning second language.
Learning vocabulary, of course is very important, too. According to Knight
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so many research showed that gloss is more useful and beneficial in contrast to not using any gloss in the field of vocabulary learning. According to Hulstinjn (1992) ̎ the use of multiple –choice glosses can decrease the difficulties caused by inadequate contexts and the possibility of wrong inference ̎.multiple-choice gloss is a kind of glossing in the field of vocabulary learning which needs the effort of the mental and in addition it needs attention to reach the goal.hulstijn did some studies and he got different results. Some studies showed the multiple-choice better performance in contrast to the other group which was L2 gloss
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