Disadvantages Of Green Marketing

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Companies should be under pressure to become responsible and greener. Many companies are under pressure from shareholders to reduce their negative impacts on society and the natural environment (Bansal, 2005; Barnet, 2007) & Customers are concerned about the environment because of its environmental knowledge and they are tend to pay premium for purchasing green products. In order to achieve a competitive advantage and to satisfy the green needs of such environmental conscious customers ,companies are manufacturing products.. (Yazdanifard & Mercy, 2011)
According to Chen (2010) ,green satisfaction is a level of customer consumer interest pleasurable level of consumption-related completion to satisfy a customer’s environmental desires, sustainable
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These adjustments are gradually being affected by a company’s practices and policies that influence the characteristic of the environment and to show the standard of its concern for the community.beside, it can be recognized as the promotion of environmentally-secure or advantageous goods.

Green marketing is a vast concept and covering the promotion and advertising activities of products and companies with environmental concerns. Some of the most common expressions which consumers associated with the green products are bacteria-free, recyclable, refillable, ozone friendly, zero carbon, renewable and eco-friendly, etc. Green marketing also covering a wide range of activities like modification in products, changes in the production process, packaging changes, remodeling and stylizing as well as modifying advertising activities and campaigns (Kilbourne & Beckmann, 2010). Wang & Tung (2012), explained ’’ The main difference between green and traditional marketing is that in green marketing, the needs and principles of environmental protection are considered in the marketing 4 P activities, to satisfy the demands of society and
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As a result of, this will lead the consumers to purchase the environmentally friendly products. Practicing these policy tools plays a significant role in changing consumer purchasing behavior to purchase environmental friendly products, thus, decreasing the harmful effect of artificial products on the environment. also Rahbar and Wahid (2011) , found that the green marketing tools as including eco-label, ecobrand and environmental advertisement ,also eco-label and ecobrand have importance in the consumers’ behavior towards green

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