The Importance Of Online Grocery Shopping

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Grocery shopping is something essential in our lives and in one way or another we have all done grocery shopping whether we are young or old. Nowadays, with the non-stop technological advances, grocery shopping is now a few clicks away. Over the past couple of years, online grocery shopping has become popular. However, even though consumers have the option of ordering their groceries online, some still prefer going to the store itself to buy their groceries. Our aim is to focus on the reasons behind consumers’ behaviour toward online and in-store grocery shopping.
According to the Daily Mail, when it comes to in-store shopping, in general, consumers are fed up with standing in long queues and having to get lost between aisles to find the product that they are looking for, which results in wasting their time. Therefore, most consumers have turned to online grocery shopping. Seeing that online shopping has been booming for the past few years, it is expected that sales will increase up to £14.6 billion in the next five years. Tesco, one of the well-known supermarkets in London, have cancelled their plans of opening 100 new stores due to the change in consumers’ behaviour towards in-store grocery shopping. Seeing that online shopping has become popular in certain countries across the world, what would consumers’ behaviour towards online grocery shopping be if it was introduced in Sharjah?
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Marketers aimed to fill in that gap by satisfying consumer needs. Marketers would study consumer’s behaviour in order to know how to fill in that gap. In this case, we are focusing on online grocery shopping. Hence, why we are asking the following question of what pushed marketers to revolutionise the idea of something as simple as grocery shopping, and extend it by introducing online grocery
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