Persuasive Essay On Helicopter Parenting

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The worldwide golden rule, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,” is tossed around lightly. Many children use it as a guilt tactic to try to get things to go their way, however, adults also try to manipulate this phrase to get the most for themselves. Parenting is something that comes naturally for many, but it is hugely based on the type of parents one had. One type of parenting stereotype is commonly known as helicopter parenting. There are many reasons as to why a parent would chose that specific parenting style, but they are never fully aware of the consequences their actions have on their children. Being told that the way you are raising your child is wrong is not something parents like to hear. Helicopter parents think they know what’s best for their child, and will stand by their beliefs, in order to achieve the best possible for their children. Because of that, generations that seed from helicopter parents are some of the most lazy and overindulgent people. The term ‘helicopter parent’ was invented by psychologist Foster Cline and…show more content…
Many are smothered growing up, which can lead to two basic things. You can become totally dependent on your parent or decide the break free but still somehow suffer from the lack of knowledge for doing everyday tasks. Because of the feeling of not being able to succeed on their own, many children develop anxiety. Helicopter parenting has been observed to stunts kids’ emotional and cognitive development. Children lose their voices, because their care giver, the person who provides them with everything won’t let them speak—being that without them “you would be nowhere.” Hovering over a child ‘just in case’ will freeze that picture in their mind. So, whenever they are in trouble the know that you are there to save them, forgetting that they are more than capable of saving

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