Disadvantages Of Hidden Curriculum

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2.3 Teacher’s Role Teachers should make the learners learn about the cultures and why certain things happen in other cultures. They should not try to make their learners think or become like people in the cultures presented. They should not give the idea that one 's own culture is better than the target culture or vice versa. They should point out that cultures differ. 2.4 Materials Hidden Curriculum Most of the cultural information comes from course books that are designed for a specific language. Course books will directly or indirectly communicate sets of cultural values. This is called 'hidden curriculum ' (Cunningsworth, 1995; Holly, 1990). Many educationalists claim that hidden curriculum is more effective than the official curriculum. Risager (as cited in Cunningsworth, 1995) states that Foreign language teaching textbooks no longer just develop concurrently with the development of foreign language pedagogy in a narrow sense, but they increasingly participate in the general cultural transmission with the educational system and in the rest of society (p. 90). Since the underlying system is not explicitly stated, it requires us to look at course books in detail to understand the unstated values. Stereotypes Stereotypes can be defined as 'the conventionalized ways of talking and thinking about other people and cultures ' (Kramsch 1998: 131). Stereotypes may result in learners whose cultural ineptitude will affect detrimentally their personal language acquisition
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