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General advantages of use of high strength materials –
Due to the use of the high strength materials size or dimensions of structural members are reduced, which may increase the clearances or reduce storey heights.
High strength materials permit the use of large spans (greater than 30 m) with shallow members, even when heavy load are encountered.
In addition to general advantages, such as excellent fire resistance of high strength concrete, low maintenance costs, elegance, high corrosion-resistance of high strength steel, adaptability etc, the structure is found to sustain the effects of impact or shock and vibrations due to the use of high strength materials.
Cost saving in foundation and supporting members is possible as smaller loads applied due to the smaller dimensions are used.
Smaller deflections are caused
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Low rate of maintenance and repairs – High strength concrete increases the life of structure with low rate of maintenance and repairs as it provides high durability even at conventional joints which are often the weakest links of the structures.
7. Helps in increasing span using less beams – High strength concrete provides higher shear resistance and flexural strength as compared to normal strength concrete due to high strength concrete can be used to increase the span of beams with less intermediate beams.
Advantages of use of high strength steel:
1. High strength - The tensile strength of pre-stressing steel is given in terms of the characteristic tensile strength (fpk).
Nominal Diameter 2.5 3.0 4.0 5.0 7.0 8.0
Minimum Tensile Strength (fpk) N/mm2 2010 1865 1715 1570 1470 1375

Strength of high strength steel is much more than normal steel.
2. Adequate ductility
3. Bendability – High strength steel has high bendability that is high strength steel can be bend easily which is required at the harping points and near the anchorage.
4. High bond – High strength steel provides very good bond with concrete which is main requirement of pre-stressed

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