Argumentative Essay: The Value Of Higher Education

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Higher education is an optional final stage of formal learning that comes after secondary education. This system is comprised of universities, colleges, academies, seminaries, and institutes of technology. At the end of a chosen education, a person gets awarded with a certificate, an academic degree, or a diploma. The education system varies in each country. For example, there are state schools which are supported by the local government, and there is at least one such university in each of the 50 U.S. states, for example, the Washington State University and the University of Michigan. Private universities, however, are privately run and are not funded by the state so the expenses are usually higher than the ones in state universities. However,…show more content…
They are convinced that as soon as the number of university students increases, the value of the university will decrease because there will be no tuition money to fund education, research, and advancement, the key aspects of higher education. Once higher education is offered on a silver platter, students could lose their will as an important driving force because they will have nothing to lose. This is not the case when students finance their own studies as there are too many things at stake. Hence, higher education available to everyone could lead to its abuse, as there will be a lot of students with low GPA enrolling at universities simply because they can, not because they want to learn. This could end in too much quantity, but no quality. Also, there will be an ever increasing number of graduates, but not enough jobs for all of them. Consequently, this could yield many students with a university diploma accepting lower paid jobs because they had no other choice. In this way, free higher education could lose its main purpose, that is, to offer all people an opportunity for a better life through additional education designed to help them build a more successful carrier. Additionally, a college degree and a university degree could easily become synonymous. In this way, the basic requirement for all jobs will be a higher education diploma. This could
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