Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars

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Over the years, Oil price of Thailand is very high. Which quantity of cars on the road in the country, it increase as well; the higher price of oil in every year is highest. For people who need to use private cars for transportation, occupation or entrance their home has no bus. When they are face with the problem of high oil prices is not inevitable but the hybrid does not like it. Hybrid cars both have engines that use gasoline and electric motor driven systems derived, combined. The most popular format in the current of hybrid cars is power-split. Regular time intervals that require ultra-high-speed, the system will be used in engines that use oil. In low-speed range, such as run in the city or the traffic jams in the city range of engines to electric drive systems by pulling…show more content…
The oil car is durable to use, repair and service center for many places. Therefore, the selling price and the cost of maintenance of the hybrid is the decision to buy. So it becomes a disadvantage of hybrid cars. In conclusion, The Hybrid cars are the best things to use with save energy save world and don't destroy the health of human beings. Although there are some disadvantages, such as you need to change the battery, you do not have to worry about the cost because the automotive companies will have to pay compensation to you. When you want to buy a hybrid car companies have promotions to you. The hybrid cars required for current use is considerable, especially in the city that caused traffic jams using oil-powered car will make you lose money is very simple. Thus, I think that hybrid car it is good choice and betters that Hybrid car: Suitable to use or not? 7 oil car in this current era. The modern of Hybrid cars is good to decision to adopt. Because of the Hybrid car can help reduce global warming that is currently occurring, healthy humans and many creatures. Everyone should to use the hybrid car.

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