Disadvantages Of Hydroponics In Plants

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Origin Scientists started investigating hydroponics when trying to figure out which nutrients were required by plants in order for them to grow more successfully. The scientists used hydroponics unknowingly as this was the simplest and most accurate way in ensuring only the elements they were testing were either given to the plant or taken away from the plant (Turner, A. and Leroux, V. 1989). The plants grew using the hydroponic system which led to hydroponics itself being investigated. In the 1930s Doctor William Frederick Gericke began investigating hydroponics where it was later used in California in farming as well as in legal marijuana productions (White, M. And Przybylski, M. 2010). People around him did not believe his argument…show more content…
Vulnerability: The change in environments for the roots causes them to be vulnerable to damage and if the root system is damaged the plant could die. In the soil, the plants roots are protected and the roots cling to the soil as they grow. When the plant is removed from the soil to plant in a hydroponic system the soil needs to be completely removed which may damage the roots if not done carefully. Removing the soil should be done by gently tapping the roots to loosen the soil and rinsing the roots under water. The roots need to be cleaned of all soil particles in order for the plant to grow completely without soil nutrients and to allow the nutrient solution to reach the roots (Turner, A. and Leroux, V.…show more content…
and White, L. 2000). The expense can be seen in the equipment required to set up the hydroponic system as a specific base for the plant to grow in is required as well as in the buying or making of the specific nutrient solution required. The time consumed comes from setting up the equipment and removing and replenishing the nutrient solution after each season. The plants need to be observed everyday as nutrient deficiencies would occur quickly and may affect the long-term growth of the plant (Benton Jones Jr., J. 2005). Research is required: Research is also required to grow plants hydroponically as the minerals needed for the plants development need to be investigated as the nutrients are only given through the nutrient solution and not through the soil. In poorer communities where they could advantage from growing crops with less water, research is not available and hydroponics may not be suitable (Turner, A. and Leroux, V. 1989). Electricity availability: Some hydroponic systems require electricity to run which is a disadvantage in poorer communities where electricity is not available (Turner, A. and Leroux, V. 1989). Electricity run systems come as a disadvantage if there is a power cut and the system does not have a backup power supply. The electricity to run the system would also come as an extra cost and may be a danger if there is a

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