Disadvantages Of ICT In Communication

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(ICT) or information technology is the technology used to store or create information it is commonly used by everyone and specially business and work areas that require a lot of data saving although the type of the data is not important the technology is any device that can read, process or create this data as it’s widely known that to perform a calculation of this type manually can take a lot of time and energy but (ICT) helps to reduce that time dramatically it is also programmed to fix usual human mistakes and avoid them unlike when you store this information manually
(ICT) is used in a wide array of essential parts of our life for example our jobs, education, banking and entertainment these are some of the compulsory things
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No specialist equipment is needed.
5.If there is an answerphone, you can leave a message if the person isn't available to take your call.
Disadvantages of using (ICT) in communication:
1. The person must be available to take your telephone call
2. There might be noise or interference so the quality of the call could be poor.
3. You cannot see each other's body language so a lot of the nonverbal communication is lost
4. You generally have to pay for every minute you spend on the call. In the case of mobile or overseas calls, that can be expensive.

Computing: Before computers and printers people used type writers to type the stuff they needed, keys were covered in ink so they could make an imprint on the paper this method although revolutionary when it was first introduced got messy over the years until computer printing was introduced which saved time and is way more efficient you can now add pictures to your work or add complex shapes to the work
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For the student, it is an initiation into:
• Creativity and problem solving,
• An introduction to the world of information and technologies, and
• An opportunity to shape career pursuits.
Advantages of using (ICT) in Education:
1‧ Through ICT, images can easily be used in teaching and improving the retentive memory of students.
2‧ Through ICT, teachers can easily explain complex instructions and ensure students' comprehension.
3‧ Through ICT, teachers are able to create interactive classes and make the lessons more enjoyable, which could improve student attendance and concentration.
Disadvantages of using (ICT) in Education:
1‧ Setting up the devices can be very troublesome.
2‧ Too expensive to afford
3‧ Hard for teachers to use with a lack of experience using ICT tools


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