Disadvantages Of Independent Business

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6.0 Marketing

Marketing is an activity of a company related between buying and selling a product or service. Many sellers start out their industry is putting the right product,at a right price,at a right place,at a right time. There are 4Ps used as synonyms with the marketing mix. The marketing 4Ps are Product,Price,Place,and Promotion.

First is the product. The product is something that meets the desires or needs. This can be an element of physical, virtual and supply of services.“Take A Break” main dish is burger,and also have sell others food like spaghetti,snacks,salad,desserts,and beverage. Nowadays, many customers likes to eat burger,so it has made burger as main dish to fulfill all the hunger of burger lover .

It compete with other
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Independent restaurants are quite easy to open . Advantages for independent restaurants is that they can "do their own thing" in terms of concept development, menu, decorations and so on. Some independent restaurants will turn into a chain of small and large companies will buy it.Have an independent business can be beneficial in many aspects. Independent business owners have the opportunity to start with a fresh tone with absolute control over the business and how it will be monitored. Independent business owners do not need to enter into contractual obligations with the franchisee and not the terms of the law set by the business owner before.

As a business owner, you are your own boss. You take all the decisions. You set your own hours and work independently. Depending on the type of business you could work anywhere.You can use as owner, principal, or the president on your resume. If you decide to close your business and continue to work, you have gained valuable experience as a business leader that can lead to management or executive role in other
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An independent business owners have the ability to launch innovative products or products that are protected by copyrights or patents or trademarks, which can help the owner of an independent firm to adjudicate on the market. The owner of an independent company can start a business in a fast tempo or slow depending on the financial resources and business goals. There is no need for a mandatory initial investment. Independent business owners are also free to choose a company according to their choice of products and services that will sell and make decisions regarding the

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