Disadvantages Of Indian Sports

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Imagine a situation. The best foreman of the world is made the project manager in an IT company. Irrespective of his talent and expertise in his field, to know the basics of IT project management and implement them successfully might not be possible in next 5 years. Can he/she prepare a strategic approach for effective management of IT projects immediately after joining the company? Will his/her team members be benefited in any way from his/her previous work experience? The answer is a big no. Similar is the fate of Indian sports.
Politics has proved out to be a big curse instead of a support for Indian Sports.
Sports in India need passion, technical expertise and strategic approach from the bosses of their respective associations. Revival of sports in India requires passionate sports persons as the bosses and not the politicians.

Interference of Indian politicians in Sports-
Nowadays, no sport in India is free from interference of politicians. In cricket, it is not that visible as BCCI is the richest sports body of the world. Indian sports have become the rehabilitation asylum for politicians and retired bureaucrats. For them chairing an apex body of any sport is all about power, money and publicity. The main purpose of the apex body like talent hunt, providing adequate and modern training to the players, grooming next generation players and development of sports infrastructure are the second or perhaps the last priority.
For example, the Indian Men’s Hockey

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