Disadvantages Of Individualism

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This refers to the organizational structure which allows management to distinguish uncertain situations, ambiguity, stress and risk. Individualism is mostly seen in the cultures of Western Europe and North America, while collectivism is mostly seen in the cultures of Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe.
For example, people who grew up in the United States are seen to be individualists, motivated by what is good for them personally, and independent and self-reliant. People who grew up in China (or most Asian cultures), on the other hand, are seen to be collectivists, motivated by the good of the group, relying on others and placing priority on the group rather than self. INDIVIDUALISM
• Individualism shows
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• Organizations offering individualism value challenge, freedom and personal time. Employees tend to seek attention for their accomplishment and contributions, therefore becoming more innovative and responsible.
• Individualism has also drawbacks where employees become too self reliant and don’t work together leading to inefficiency in production.
• One of the benefits to collectivism is its emphasis on cooperation and teamwork. As some businesses shift away from traditional, hierarchical structures with clearly defined and maintained roles and responsibilities for workers, workplaces have become more collaborative.
• Many employees work together towards customer satisfaction.
• On the downside, there is the possibilities of having “joy riders” who do not work to complete the tasks they are given. Workers may feel less confident when they have to come up with their own innovations.
• Different cultures showcase different values that are reflected in how people relate to one another in varied contexts, such as the

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