Disadvantages Of Induction Furnace

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Induction furnace: It is a type of furnace that consumes electricity and metal is directly heated through induction process. Its advantage is that its clean, energy efficient and its melting process is controlled as compared to other techniques of melting metal. Many modern foundries use induction furnace and now a days ferrous industries are replacing cupola furnace to this furnace to melt iron (cast iron) because of fact that first one mentioned releases dust and other polluting elements. It does not uses arc or combustion so temperature of material required to melt metal is not higher , so as an advantage no valuable alloying elements are demolished . One of the weaknesses of induction furnace is that usage in foundry cannot happen due to lack…show more content…
Magnetic fluxes The furnace is first switched on, and then through the induction coils of the furnace current starts to flow at a high rate and low voltage as compared to current following OHMs law, producing where the crucible is located an induced magnetic field inside the central space of the coils. The induced magnetic fluxes thus generated out the charge that is packed in the crucible, which is put inside the induction coil. As the magnetic fluxes are generated through the scraps and it completes the circuit, this phenomenon generates and induces eddy current. This induced eddy current, as it flows through the highly resistive bath of circuit, generates a great amount of heat and finally melting starts. It is thus obvious that the rate of melting depends on two things, the amount of magnetic fluxes and compactness of the charges. The magnetic fluxes can be controlled by changing power input to the furnace, i.e. current and frequency. Frequency of the

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