Disadvantages Of Information Communication Technology

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Information communication technology provides the society with new communication capabilities. people can now communicate with others using videos from others of different parts of the world, instant messaging, social media sites life face book , twitter which allow people to remain in contact and communicate and share information easily and on regular basis.
ICT has had a big impact on the way we communicate in our everyday life. It has effected how the majority of organizations and people now communicate. S&S, email, chat and digital voice and mobile videophones have now become the way to communicate. Because of ICT and these communication devices it is now possible to keep in touch with people anywhere. ICT has improved and
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• Easy Communication
• Can be carried everywhere
• Have a lot of functions like take photos
• Helpful in emergency
• Time saver
• Limited battery life
• Health issues
• People use it while driving and this cause accident’s
• Distraction for workers/students …etc

- SMS:
Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component of telephone, World Wide Web, and mobile telephony systems. It uses standardized communications protocols to enable fixed line or mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages.
• It is kind of personal
• An SMS message can reach a customer where ever they are.
• You can send individual messages or group messages.
• It is fun
• Its free
• It is easy and quick
• People can lie about who they are in an effort to hurt you in some way
• Waste of time
• Can be dangerous if personal details are passed on
• can go offline without warning

- Video
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• Initial hardware cost
• High installation & authorization cost.
• Development of custom software

- E-mail :
Short for electronic mail, email (or e-mail) is defined as the transmission of messages over communications networks. Typically the messages are notes entered from the keyboard or electronic files stored on disk. Most mainframes, minicomputers, and computer networks have an email system.

• Emails are easy to use
• Emails do not use paper.
• The language used in emails is simple and informal
• Emails can also have pictures in them. You can send birthday cards or newsletters as emails.
• When you reply to an email you can attach the original message so that when you answer the recipient knows what you are talking about.
• Its free and fast

• These are small programs that harm your computer system
• Many people send unwanted emails to others
• Emails cannot really be used for official business documents
• They may be lost and you cannot sign them

- Bloges:
A blogs is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts"). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web
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