Disadvantages Of Integrated Curriculum

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Skill is very important for students to be able to exist in the 21st century. There are three categories of 21st century skills which need of students in primary and secondary education that is foundation literacy, competence and character qualities (Kaume, 2016). The foundation literacy describes the student 's ability to apply core skills to daily tasks. These skills are important for students to develop competence and character qualities (Navaneethakrishnan, 2017). Therefore education needs to develop the skill which need of students to compete in the 21st century. Integrated curriculum is a good way to develop skills of students in the 21st century. Drake (2016) states that integrated curriculum is often seen as an effective way to approach the 21st century learning. The integrated curriculum is a perfect way to develop generic abilities such as cooperation, creativity, communication, character education, literacy and critical thinking. It is more important that students are more involved in school as they learn in an interdisciplinary environment. Integration in curriculum makes science learning closer to the real world situation. This is important because the essence science in daily life is found in integrated form. Science learning in the 2013 curriculum should be implemented in an integrated form (Rahmania, 2017). As the reason is essentially science developed as a subject in integrated science form. A subject in junior high school which is based on integrated
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