Disadvantages Of Intercultural Marriage

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Introduction: Globalization allows people more opportunities to have contact with other cultures and to build intercultural relationship. Particularly in 2008 among all newlyweds, 30% of Asians (about 40% of females and 20% males) married with non-Asians in the United States (Taylor et al. 2010). However, I was surprised that when my teacher asked our attitude towards intercultural marriage, I was the only girl who cannot accept it. After class, I restarted to think this topic, and considered I might have stereotype about intercultural marriage. Therefore, I did some research to have a deep understanding. The previous research showed intercultural couples would have many different views on family relationships, time orientation, traditions and so on. While, nowadays, the researches prove that intercultural couples may have lots of strengths, such as being more openness, being better at conflict management. Some of the strengths would benefit their relationships. Intercultural marriage is an experience that makes people gain the intercultural competences. After knowing lots of competences people can learn from the intercultural marriage, I wonder whether they can apply these skills in elsewhere?
Literature review: According to Gonzalez, A. et al. (2017), intercultural communication competence is ability in another culture both to reach task completion and to do so while also following the appropriate rules of the situation (336). From the intercultural marriage, people
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