Disadvantages Of Internal Audit

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Internal governance audit in listed companies
Board of Directors of internal audit: internal audit with supervision, evaluation, control and other functions, internal audit is not just supervision, but also to help operators to strengthen control, improve management, improve operational efficiency. The establishment of the board of directors under the leadership of the internal audit system, the establishment of a new audit commission relationship, through the internal audit to achieve re-control of the operator. Direct leadership of the internal audit by the board of directors, giving the audit department saddle power, the entire company 's financial activities, business training to carry out the audit, is conducive to the audit function to play to improve the monitoring effect. In the management of the structure of the company, chairman and general manager of the division, the internal audit by the board of directors is a saddle as the ideal model
The board of directors appoints the chief financial
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Corporate governance emphasis on shareholders ' welfare, as well as the strategic goals of the company 's relationship with stakeholders. This relationship helps to maintain the business for a longer period, the following have four factors. A few benefits of corporate governance are mentioned below:-
 Excellent Management
Good corporate governance allows outsiders to assess how to run the company. Is the core of corporate governance principles of transparency and disclosure of information. And corporate governance one of the advantages is that benefits are measurable. Good corporate governance to ensure higher market valuations. Initiatives should be ensuring the control and management of corporate governance the Board of Directors to take the necessary steps, in line with the best interests of the company 's business.
 High Level Of
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