Disadvantages Of International Migration

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The Society is a mobile, living organism, found in a continous search for new opportunities, fighting against natural or artificial boundaries in order to achive the proposed development goals. Migration is a process that can be found in ancient times of humanity, the very development of human civilization was marked by this phenomenon, which allowed the interaction and transfer of information between individuals. This holds true in modern society also but, besides the obvious benefits from migration, can be identified a number of negative effects associated with the complexity of the phenomenon.
International migration, no matter the generating causes, increased significantly in recent decades as a result of globalization, beeing favorized by technological progress and the global population growth. „Practically every country in the advanced world has witnessed a substantial increase in immigration”. (Castles and Miller 2009)
Numerous studies have demonstrated the profound impact of migration on the economic, social and political environment from sending and receiving countries. (Boyle, Halfacree and Robinson 1998), (Stephen Castles 1998), (Skeldon 1997). Despite the important relationship between migration and development, the applied policies in the field, at the international level, failed to create significant opportunities for developing countries and to combat the negative aspects created by the phenomenon.
Intense debates on the effects of

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