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Internet access has enabled citizens to generally use tokens or TAN card, and companies to use smart cards. The client 's infrastructure is limited to access to a computer with a web browser, and it uses a smart card reader and need more and programmatic support for his work. It does not necessarily mean that the user has their own computer, and can use a computer or access to other owners realize at some of the internet cafes. Identification is the process of entering user names and passwords that is printed by single token device or smart card. Safety devices for identification give customers the assurance that no one but them can not access the account. There are three ways to apply for three technologies:
• Token - Bank use it for private
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Internet Banking has been regarded as the most important way to reduce cost and maintain or enhance services for consumers (Hua, 2009). Internet Banking is an emerging technology that permits conduct of banking transactions through the Internet. By offering Internet Banking services, traditional financial institutions seek to lower operational costs, improve consumer banking services, retain consumers and expand share of customer. It also can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate business processes through elimination of paper work.Internet is the cheapest delivery channel for banking products as it allows the entity to reduce their branch networks and downsize the number of service staff. The navigability of the website is a very important part of Internet Banking because it can become one of the biggest competitive advantages of a financial entity (Ortega, Martínez, & Hoyos, 2007). Internet Banking is a process of innovation whereby customers handle their own banking transactions without visiting bank tellers (Qureshi, Zafar, & Khan, 2008). Recent evidence suggests that an Internet-based consumer banking strategy may be effective, with reports of more profitable, loyal and…show more content…
Time, because they don’t have to stand in line at the bank and money, because E-Banking is free of charge if having one of our customer packages.Thanks to the explosion of the always-available Internet and services available therein, the past decade or two has turned many of us into impatient people. But honestly, who wants to wait in line to check their account balance? Online banking is perfect for those who want 24/7 access to their funds and other bank-related services. Customers can always check balance, and they can prepare and handle more long-term budgets. Moving your bank account online won 't fix all your money woes, and paying bills will never be something any of us will ever look forward to. But if you want to make managing your finances as easy as it can possibly be, online banking is the way to go.E- Banking can also be used to keep an eye on pension savings. That means that there are no more paper bills and piles of

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