Disadvantages Of Internet Communication

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Communication via internet Nowadays, there are many ways for people to communicate; the internet is one of the most effective tools. Cannot deny, the internet has become and been considered as that way. People are capable of approaching a variety of things all around the world. The internet condenses this colossal blue planet into a miniature world that anyone can reach. Surprisingly, the internet provides the society with swiftly news, stories and experiences transmitting. The internet ameliorates the ways of communication; nevertheless, communicating by the internet plausibly creates severe issues –mental health problems and disagreement. However, before proceeding to the problem, some fundamental information including the basic…show more content…
Some disadvantages of online communication, which can be obviously seen and undergone with, are information overload, leaked information, mental health problems and degradation of human relation. Butteriss says in his article, the disadvantages of online communication, that a large volume of messages can be overwhelming and hard to follow, even stress-inducing.This is difficult to argue with given the inexact nature of “large volume”. We have had consultations with up to 2500 comments. Is that a large volume? Not if you were running a national consultation on health reform in the US. But for a local issue about the location of a railway line, it was HUGE. We’ve seen individual discussion threads get to 4-600 comments. Is this overwhelming? We haven’t seen any evidence that it puts anyone of joining the discussion. In fact, we often see threads with the most comments attracting a disproportionate volume of new traffic, indicating that like a busy restaurant, people are attracted to the action, rather than put off by the…show more content…
The interaction between people, especially those people around you, may decline. Whereas the gadgets used for applying to the internet – smartphones and computers – will play an imperative role, people will totally concentrate with those astounding objects. The more people spend time on online subjects, the more people become estranged. Instead of talking to each other, texting is what people would like to do. For instance, while people are using the BTS, each of them is focusing on the smartphone. No one pays attention to one

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