Disadvantages Of Internet

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Information technology shortly known as IT has been around for more than half a century as it first begun in a laboratory. In this new era, IT is considered as one of the compulsory resources that should be possessed in various fields especially in business organisation. The well-developed 21st century has induced the growth of IT in daily basis particularly in the latest IT and information and communication technology (ICT) gadgets, such as smart phone, smart television, tablet and many more to come. Along with the progression of information technology, the grouping of computer networks that is very large and covers worldwide was able to develop as well. The network formed is known as the Internet which is a network formed by associating different computer networks from the entire world. The Internet network was invented in the US, in 1969. The Defence Department of US formed the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) which evoked the network. The number of users expanded rapidly throughout the years majorly in business transactions. However, the internet grows its advantages and disadvantages, therefore many initiatives were conducted to improve the Internet. One of the many advantages of internet is the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT refers to a system of interdependent computing devices, objects, mechanical and digital machines, animals or people that are provided with distinct identifiers and the tendency to transfer data over a network beyond human to human or

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