Disadvantages Of Internet In Bhutan

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To what extend has the internet transformed the lives of ordinary people in Bhutan

Internet is the most powerful communication medium of universe (Roy.G, 2006). Nowadays, internet has become a part of everyday life. Starting from news search to health check consultancy, railway and airline booking, e-commerce, e-governance, etc., it has become a significant part of the modern life. With Bhutan, our country on a rapid path to transformation, it has great influences on people individually as well as the whole society. Today the most significant change that the internet has brought about is in sharing of information and ideas with each other which are more available in the society, in the field of communication, socialize with existing and make new ones, banking system, and paying for things from our own home. So mainly, the internet is playing a great role in the ordinary people of our country. Even then it has
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Some of the online risks facing are youth addiction, exposure to inappropriate materials which leads the youth to forget their roles and responsibilities as a citizen of Bhutan. Some youth are more likely to online harassment where everyone is engaged in the social Medias and are actually keeping the distance from their near ones. Nevertheless this causes the misunderstanding between all the relationships and that is one of the disadvantages of internet. Despite these risks, the internet can be more beneficial for youth. It provides a nice way to physical development and proper means of learning. Basically internet has totally changed the living standards of everyone including the youths of the country. Internet has not only impact in a negative way but it has the advantages on the Bhutanese society. Live has changed drastically since the introduction of media as a form of internet in Bhutan and it is now playing a vital role in this
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