Disadvantages Of ACL Surgery

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ACL Reconstruction
Ligaments and bones in the body are the important parts that human body. They are there to support the body in many ways. The ACL is the short name for the anterior cruciate ligament. It is also referred as ACL tears. ACL reconstruction is the category of surgical process which is carried to reconstruct the damaged or tear ligament in the utmost central part of the knee. Any type of harm in the ligament can injure the knee bodily. ACL surgery also helps to keep the shin bone in the knee in accurate location. Shin bone is the other name of tibia.

Keyhole Surgery
Keyhole surgery is the other name for minimally invasive surgery and laparoscopic surgery. This is the most updated method used in the surgical procedures. In such
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Disadvantages of keyhole surgery
The updated method of surgery that is using keyhole surgery has some of the disadvantages too. These cons are-
• Minimising tactile sensation
• Reduced chance of depth perception
• Probability of damaging tissue
• Incapability of judging correctly that how much energy is being smeared to tissue and cells.

What should one do after undergoing the keyhole surgery?
The success of any surgery is totally subjective to the patient’s track record of the disease or damage. Utilization of proper tools and modern technology is on the doctor’s part. Same is with the keyhole surgery. If patient experience any of the symptoms discussed above, they should immediately go for the treatment. And most importantly before undergoing the surgery one should check the track record of the surgeon and post-surgery follow the prescription of doctors timely.

The risks of ACL reconstruction surgery
Risks are the factors that are commonly associated with any surgery. Sometimes the range of the risks are on higher side some are on the lower side. Some of the risks are-

• umbilical hernias
• diffusion of blood

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